# isuttell/about

I'm a web developer and photographer with a degree in Art & Design. Interacting on the web should be a seamless and painless experience across all devices. This requires a broad approach and understanding from the user interface design to the backend design. All of the elements must be able to work together and be able to expand when needed.

## Ops

As far as operations I can install, run, secure, and load test a CentOS server running Apache and/or Nginx. If Node.js is your fancy I can setup load balancing and reverse proxies to get you up to speed and in production as fast as possible.

## Backend

When it comes to languages I specialize in Javascript/Node.js and PHP. I've worked with many frameworks from Backbone.js, Angular.js, Express.js, to Laravel, and Slim. So whether you need a backend or frontend, I can cover everything and ensure they work seamlessly together.

## Frontend

When I'm not in front a computer I'm often behind a camera. I'm specialize in alternative fashion/glamour photography with a retro flare. It's one of my creative outlets that helps balance out the time I spend coding.

## Contact

My server accepts emails to isaac@isaacsuttell.com