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# isuttell/about

I'm a full stack web developer and photographer with a degree in Art & Design. Interacting on the web should be a seamless and painless experience across all devices. This requires a broad approach and understanding from the user interface design to the backend design. All of the elements must be able to work together and be able to expand when needed.

## Frontend

I dream in Javascript. Whether it's Single Page Applications using frameworks like React and Flux or custom graphics libraries I'm constantly optimizing and tearing apart code to make it better. However the end goal is more than just highly performant and easy to read code it's about ensuring the proper user experience. It doesn't matter how good your code is if no one knows how to to use it.

## Backend

When it comes to the backend I specialize in Javascript / Node.js and have experience working with Java, Go and PHP. I've designed and built microsystems from the ground up that span the globe.

## Databases

Where do you store it all? Hopefully your data isn't being stored on index cards... If it is, call me asap and I'll get you hooked up with the best database for your needs whether that's relational or nonrelation, I've got you covered.

## Devops

As far as operations go, I've setup up multiple continuous integration systems that combine source control, code review, unit testing, automated deployments, and comprehensive monitoring. A well working CI system lets developers focus on adding value instead of fighting with their tools.

## Photography

When I'm not in front a computer I'm often behind a camera. I'm specialize in alternative fashion/glamour photography with a retro flare. It's one of my creative outlets that helps balance out the time I spend coding.

## Contact

The best way to contact me is at